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Custom Prominente


Our finest cigar yet. Crafted in true Cuban tradition, this timeless blend uses 7-year aged undisclosed tobaccos containing only our highest priming’s and a AAA grade Havana seed wrapper.  These cigars were rolled using a Cuban style Entubado roll and were assigned to the top 4 Torcedores. Once rolled, these cigars were aged at optimal humidity for 15 months.

For the filler, we used four different tobaccos: AAA Nicargauan Corojo ’99, AAA Criollo ’98, and two undisclosed Caribbean tobaccos. The number of different tobaccos in this cigar brings out a great amount of complexity and well roundedness. The Prominente is rich in flavor while carrying a smooth body.

Packaged naked, uncellophaned and ribboned in factory-styled fashion, these cigars are showcased to impress. We didn’t want to dress these blends up as we wanted the cigar to speak for itself.

Tasting Notes: Fine aged tobacco, cinnamon, cacoa, and oak

Made in small batches. Available only to Serino Customers.

Blended to size, these cigars are available in two vitolas:

Double Corona: 49 x 194 mm   5 Pack: 75.00

Robusto: 52 x 124 mm               5 Pack: $65.00

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